Two goldfinches anjoy a dinner date at the feeder outside my home office window.

Two goldfinches enjoyed a dinner date at the feeder outside my home office window last night.

The past two days have seen a lot of weeding. The irises are almost clear (I left a few weeds which were supporting a spider’s web), and the slates near the back door are now crabgrass free.

I also spent some time setting up a few bird feeders that we picked up on Cape Cod. One of them is a fruit and jelly feeder meant to attract orioles and a small window mounted feeder which I hope will function as TV for the cat. So far, nothing has found these feeders, but it’s only been a day!

The veggie garden is just about ready for a harvest. The Swiss chard is tall enough to use, and some new lettuces are eating size. There’s some kale that is starting to grow past seedling stage, and of course there’s lots and lots of basil. I am a little bothered that the squashes haven’t even begun to show any fruit, and the cucumbers are growing all misshapen. My peaches aren’t looking good either-they are splitting open, which is probably because of the extreme wet weather we’ve had this year. I may not get to eat one after all.