Hi there, and welcome to my small digital homestead. My goal in starting this blog is to inspire you to take those first few steps towards changing your lifestyle in ways that are great for your heart, health, wallet, and soul, as well as being a benefit to your community and the world at large.

I am a working, married mother of two living on a small suburban lot in coastal New Jersey. My household consists of myself, hubby, two kids (Thing 1 and Thing 2), two dogs, a cat, a couple of fish, and the odd cave cricket.

For the past few years my family and I have been adapting our traditional suburban home and lifestyle to a less traditional suburban homestead. Our goal has been to reduce our carbon footprint, increase the productivity of our small piece of land, develop a bunch of cool skills, revive a few lost arts, and have a good time in the process.

I have acquired the skills to make my own baked goods (including breads), preserve jams and pickles, grow a decent portion of my own food, knit, sew, and brew beer. I have gone from couch potato to completing a 50 mile MSbike ride. And I do all this while maintaining a full-time career as an urban planner and soccer mom.

As I’ve implemented these changes in my life, more than a few people have commented on how unique my approach to suburban living has become. The general theme is that what I’ve been up to is unusual and inspiring, and some folks wistfully comment that they wish they could do the same. And you know what? Anyone can. Nothing I’ve done is difficult. The hardest part was just making the effort, and once I started, the momentum to keep going just took over. So if you want to change your lifestyle to be a little more self-sufficient and a lot more productive, then the main obstacle you have to overcome is finding the will to get started. I’ll help point you in the right direction, but taking those first steps is up to you.