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A few years ago I stopped making resolutions at the start of the New Year. Instead, I now pick a few skills to develop and a few projects to undertake over the next year. Last year I learned to brew beer, the year before I learned the basics of knitting, and the year before that I began to learn how to play the guitar. I also pick a few areas of my life that need work, and plan on given them some extra attention and developing good habits in those areas, such as tracking my work time more efficiently or replacing our home cleaning products with greener (and cheaper) alternatives.

This year for my new skills I have decided to master making home made pasta (Thing 1 gave me a hand cranked pasta machine for Christmas!) and also to learn to shoot billiards (Hubby and I gave the whole family a pool table for Christmas). The first one will be fairly easy, I hope, and the second will require a lot of practice and patience. The pool table was installed yesterday, and I have learned that I do not play as well as I remember myself playing in college.

My big project for the year will be to transform the basement play room into a family game room featuring, of course, the new pool table. Hubby and I have decided to decorate the room using photos from our trips to Ireland, and the traditional Irish pub will be guiding our choices in furniture (new end tables, bookcases, and tv stand are part of the plan).

Another project I wish to tackle is finishing my nanowrimo novel, which I hope to do by the end of January, and then seeing about getting it published.

Lastly, then, would be choosing the areas of my life that need attention. This year, I will be focusing on my career and my health. For my career, I plan to take some courses in LEED neighborhood design and see about getting myself LEED certified. For my health, I need to ramp up the fitness and meditation routine, clean up the eating plan, and get myself a round of physicals and annual tests (and maybe, just maybe to the dentist, thought I really despise the pain they cause me).

What plans have you made for the new year?

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