Chocolate Crackles waiting to be eaten.

A few years ago my wonderful sister gave me a copy of Martha Stewart’s Holiday Cookies. This magazine special issue has since been given an honored place on my kitchen cookbook shelf. There has not been a single recipe I’ve tried that failed to thrill, nor have I found a single recipe that requires shortening (butter is so much healthier).

Today’s links are some of my favorite recipes from this magazine:

  • Chocolate Crackles. These are like a brownie shaped like a cookie. I would make these every week if I had a hummingbird’s metabolism, but as it is I have to save these for a once in a while treat.
  • Anise Drops. These have a deep licorice flavor and a surprising texture.
  • Lime Meltaways. I didn’t make these this year, but I include them every once in a while. The light lime taste is a nice counterpoint to the heavy spices of many holiday cookies.
  • Snickerdoodles. It’s not Christmas at the Homestead without snickerdoodles.
  • Black and White. These are an area specialty, with every deli in the tri-state area offering up their own interpretation of the classic black and white.
  • Earl Grey Tea Cookies. Hubby starts every day with a cup of earl grey. These cookies use that unique tea to create a distinct flavor.
  • Rum Balls. Hands down my favorite (outside of the family sugar cookie, that is).