My new toy and the first glass of soy milk it made.

A few days ago I finished reading In Defense of Food by Michael Pollan, then I took a look at what was in some of the food products I buy regularly. My soy milk no longer passed muster–there’s too many ingredients that are chemicals rather than food. I decided to give homemade soy milk a try.

To make this easier (long time readers may remember that I am lazy!), I ordered a Joyoung Soymilk Maker from Amazon. It arrived yesterday, along with a bunch of organic soybeans from Arrowhead Mills, and this morning I made my first batch. I enjoyed it hot with a little agave nectar and vanilla extract, but as it cooled it took an a beanier taste than I am used to. My hope, though, is that we will quickly get used to the slightly different taste, and this will replace the store bought stuff we’ve been using.

Overall I am pretty pleased with how this thing worked and tickled pink by the Engrish in the instruction manual and warning labels (I was instructed to plug it into the wall tutler, which is the most unusual way to say outlet that I’ve seen to date). The machine makes rice and nut milk as well as soy milk, and I’ll be playing with those soon. It also included instructions for making tofu, which will be an adventure we’ll try after the holiday baking rush is over.

Once I’ve really gotten familiar with this thing and played around with the technique to find the best way to make the least beany soy milk, I’ll share the recipe here.