A few days ago I crossed the 50,000 word finish line for National Novel Writing Month, which means I will be counted among the winners for this year’s challenge. My novel is not finished, but I am no longer under pressure to write madly every day. Hopefully I’ll have the first draft finalized in another few weeks, and then I can sit around wondering why on earth I did that.

The Homestead will be erupting into Chaos over the next few hours as we begin to prepare the Thanksgiving meal. This year we’ll be serving dinner for 15. I have yet to begin anything, though in past years I would have already baked several different types of bread and a few pies by this point. I do not blame the writing for the lag…I have been fighting bronchitis for a week now, and the kids were both sick with the flu the week before that. I am considering some drastic action, such as buying prepared pies (which hasn’t been done here in 20 years), and I don’t like it, but I also don’t want to get any sicker. Help will arrive soon, though, so maybe together we can whip out a few pies and some homemade biscuits before I collapse in exhaustion this evening.

I wish you all have a Happy Thanksgiving.