We’re having a bit of an Indian Summer here this week, with temperature in the upper 70s and too much humidity. The mosquitoes have been out in force, driving my family inside where the air is cool and there’s less chance of being bitten. I have come down with a little cold as well, which has kept me a little too grumpy to post, but not too grumpy to poke around the internet.

I found a few things of interest to share this week:

  • Confessions of an Introverted Traveler. This bit sums up nicely how I like to travel. I like to see places and people. I like to eat local and watch the local TV. But I’m not good with people, so I don’t tend to strike up a lot of conversations, and the few that I do remain memorable for their rarity.
  • Blue is the New Black. Maureen Dowd’s column on the trend of women losing their happiness in life as we gain more freedom and independence really struck a chord with me. It’s extremely hard to find balance between career and home, and I don’t think men have the societal pressure to be perfect in both spheres. Women are expected to be the primary caretaker of their children, and yet we are also expected to demonstrate the work-first attitude that men, who expect their wives to be taking care of things at home, generally have. No wonder we’re more stressed out-we’re trying to do it all, and that’s more than anyone can do.
  • Ted Talks: Jonathan Zittrain. The Web Is a Random Act of Kindness. The structure of the internet is based on trust, and it keeps running because volunteers give their time and effort to make it work. I had no idea that the internet was a trust machine, and watching this convinced me that the future is open source.
  • The Yes Men Run a “We’re Screwed” Edition of the New York Post. New Yorkers awoke this week to find that their morning comic book had been replaced with actual factual news…the New York Post, known for it’s snark and nonsense, had an in depth look at climate change and catastrophic implications for the world. Well, the Post didn’t really run an honest issue, but the Yes Men, my favorite activist pranksters, ran a spoof 100% true issue of the Post. Watch the video! Most people interviewed don’t for a second question the truth (climate change is real and dangerous), but they are amazed to see the truth so boldly printed in the Post. The interview with the Post employee is such a characture that, as Hubby put it, you expect him to kick a puppy as he walks away.