The weather here today suits my mood-dark and dangerous. We are under a very rare Tornado Watch as a storm system moves in from the ocean, bringing wind, rain, and thunder. Regardless of the weather, September 11 usually puts me in a dark mood. As an American I am disappointed that ground zero is not yet rebuilt, and as an urban planner, I am disgusted. There’s no real reason it should take our great nation this long to rebuild one city block.

On a different note, here’s some lovely links:

  • Icecap Photo Shows Mother Nature in Tears. If you have not seen this photo of a weeping woman’s face that appeared in the side of a melting Norwegian icecap, then check it out. I understand that the human brain is programmed to perceive faces in the most mundane of things, which is why we have so many sightings of Jesus and the Virgin Mary appearing in strange places, but this haunting sorrow of this face moved me.
  • Are Birthin’ Thighs a Sign of Health? Danish researchers have determined that folks with Thunder Thighs live longer than folks with skinny gams. I take this as a news that I am going to live forever.
  • Ted Talks: Dan Pink on the Surprising Science of Motivation. For tasks requiring thought and creativity, increased bonus reduces results! People are motivated to do high quality work by a sense that they are contributing to the greater good, rather than by a promise of a greater reward.
  • Birds on the Wires. Photographs of birds sitting on electrical wires played as music. Nature crafted a nice composition.