Here they are waiting for the bus.

Here they are waiting for the bus.

Today the kids returned to school. Thing 1 is now a fourth grader, and she will be participating in the gifted and talented program this year, so she has a big year ahead of her. Thing 2 is entering the first grade, so this year will be the first time he attends for a full day.

I like this time of year. Somehow I have managed to raise two kids who look forward to the start of school rather than dread it. They were both up early this morning–dressed and ready an hour before the bus was scheduled to pick them up!

I started getting them into the mindset for school two weeks ago, which certainly helped. In addition to helping with the back-to-school shopping, I gave them each some academic tasks to complete: Thing 1 has been practicing reading using the ClickN Kids program, and Thing 2 has been reading Harry Potter and Eloise books every night in bed.

I have enjoyed a productive day, which has been hard to do with them underfoot since camp ended. The wisteria got another much needed haircut, my home office got a good cleaning, and the laundry is on it’s way to being done. I have finally been able to go through my work load and get my professional self organized for the upcoming month–and managed to make a few business calls without the screaming Me-Me’s in the background.

I love my children…but I also appreciate the peace and quiet that comes with the first day of school