Someday this will make awesome stirfry, miso soup, and fake bacon, I hope

Someday this will make awesome stir fry, miso soup, and fake bacon, I hope

The Shiitake Mushroom kit I ordered last week was just delivered. A barking dog alerted me to the delivery man approaching the door, so I was able to meet him outside and not have the mushrooms left out in the heat at all. The UPS guy was a little bewildered by the package and asked me cautiously if these were for eating. I think if someone were shipping the other kind, they probably wouldn’t cover the outside of the box with photos of growing fungi and “live item” stamps, but I can understand his confusion. Not everyone knows the joy of Shiitake, but I do.

I opened the package immediately, and found a heavy block of something covered with what looks like fuzzy popped corn. According to the instructions, thismeans I need to pop the whole thing into the fridge for 3 to 5 days, then give it a 24 hour soak before it will sprout mushrooms. So if you come over and poke around in my fridge anytime this weekend, don’t be alarmed by the large bag of moldy popcorn sitting in there.