There’s rain in the works again today. Blech. I just hope it won’t be violent enough to wash away the seeds I planted yesterday, which included two types of kale, huazontle, beets, and broccoli raab. I want a fall harvest this year!

Here’s some things I spotted around the net while waiting out rain  storms this week:

  • To Go Green You Must Find Your Personal Balance. An eco-host spills the beans on his un-green car, and discusses the need for balance in our approach to going green. Most of us can’t do it all, but we can find some green habits that we can live with.
  • 11 Unusual Things You Can Compost. This is a nice list of inedible things that can be composted, though few of us think to.
  • Chickens in Suburbia-One Couple’s Foray Into Urban Homesteading. This is a short profile of another family that lives a homesteading lifestyle in suburbia. If Denver were closer, I’d have them over for dinner (homegrown and homebrewed dinner). They do have one thing I covet: chickens. Hubby just isn’t ready to make that leap yet.
  • 101 Simple Salads for the Season. What a wonderful list of easy meals for the lazy cook. Don’t miss the links to the dressings in the side bar.
  • More Food Less Lawn-Save Money with an Edible Landscaping Plan. One of these days I’m going to rip out the front lawn and make that space useful. And when I do, I’ll post photos of it here.
  • Homemade Weed Killer Recipes and Tips. I think I may try some of these over areas that I’ve already weeded to prevent that crabgrass from returning.
  • Lavender Recipes. I picked up a pound of culinary lavender at the Atlantic Spice Warehouse, and here’s a bunch of things to try with it. Those Quick Lavender Cinnamon Buns look promising…if not the best thing some someone whose trying to shed a few pounds.