Today I decided to change the way things look around here, as well as at my other, less loved blog The Planner’s Toolbox. Both blogs had been set up rather quickly, but I wasn’t 100% pleased with the appearances. I think I prefer the cleaner lines and less Themey themes.

The changes were triggered by some recent Stumbling encounters. I Stumbled across another blog using the same pretty blue theme I had been using here, and I realized that even with different photos, the distinctive color was enough to make that completely different blog look way too similar to mine. Another thing I have noticed recently was two very different blogs both using the same misty theme as one another, and I had originally thought they were all one blog because their appearances were so similar, though one was about writing and the other about healing. I decided that I wanted my blogs to be a little more distinctive, so I am exploring ways to achieve that.

To that end, don’t be surprised if the photo up top changes again in the coming days. I plan to create a unique logo or image to use there, when I get around to it or bribe someone more skilled than I to help me out.

So what do you think of this layout?