The sun has just broken through the clouds, and I have high hopes for good weather today despite the forecast for rain, or at least for good weather lasting long enough to give me 30 happy minutes in the garden a little later.

I haven’t had much time to poke around the internet this week…it’s been pretty busy at work, which is a refreshing change from recent weeks! I did come across a few interesting things though:

  • Tips for Embracing Green Frugality. Funny thing about going green…the best ways to do it are also the cheapest for your budget. Consume less, live simple, make your own.
  • 1001 Uses for White Distilled Vinegar. Vinegar, is there anything it can’t clean?
  • The gentle art of non-gardening. This is a lazy gardener after my own heart. Nature is willing to do so much of the work for us if we would only stay out of her way!
  • UK “is losing 52 pubs each week.” Globalization has a downside, and it includes the decline of regional character as international brands and trends displace local businesses. This article blames taxes, the recession, and a smoking ban on the decline in pub usage, but another big hit to the pub culture has been the trend of younger people seeking out modern bars and nightclubs and the emergence of wine (not a local product in Britain) and froo-froo mixed drinks into the market (appletinis rather than pints). Some pubs will survive by catering to the tourist market, as I saw in Dublin, but it would take a total shift in habits for the emerging generation to really save the pub culture in Britain and Ireland.