Sing with me, folks: It's like ray-ee-ain, on your laundry line!

Sing with me, folks: It's like ray-ee-ain, on your laundry line!

Today Nature decided to let me off the hook as a reward for yesterday’s extra effort. It’s pouring out, so the garden is way too wet to play in, and my body gets the rest it has earned.

Rather than sit here on my tush drinking coffee and ignoring my garden, I spent today’s 30 minutes planning for a fall harvest and ordering seeds. I like to get my seeds from Seeds of Change, and their website offers great advice on what to order for planting at this time of year. I ordered two types of kale, arugula, broccoli raab, carrots, beets, and huazontle. I have no idea what to expect from that last one, so it will be a little adventure to grow and eat it!

Before checking out, I poked around other parts of their website to see what other interesting gardening thingies they might have to tempt me. The rain barrels look interesting, but we’re just a hair away from picking up one from our local Whole Foods that is crafted from a repurposed food bin. There are a lot of nifty tools, but all the ones that caught my eye have been discontinued. What a tease!

And then I saw THIS, and I knew it was my latest destiny. It’s a new challenge, a new skill to learn, a new way to contribute homegrown food to the Homestead! Shitake mushrooms, here we come!