I think last night was the first night that the outside temperature did not drop below the temp I have set the AC to create inside. This morning is hot an muggy and buggy, and I am tired and grumpy after a late night out testifying before a Zoning Board far, far away in Bergen County.

Before I head out for my 30 minutes of sweaty garden labor, I wanted to share a few links with you (and finish my coffee):

  • 10 Quirky Facts About Mass Produced Food. Bugs in your drink? Maggots in canned mushrooms? This sort of stuff is why I like to eat fresh, local produce rather than mass produced food product.
  • Not much convenience in convenience foods. Grist takes a look at some studies of how we eat and why we choose convenience foods over fresh. It isn’t to save time; it’s because many people lack the skills and knowledge to use raw ingredients.
  • A better beer bottle. Beer bottles that can be reused as bricks! I wonder if I can get these for my home brewing then use the empties to build a shed?
  • BMI Project from Kate Harding’s Shapely Prose. This slide show (which progresses automatically, so there’s no mouse work involved to view it) shows photos of many beautiful people identifying their BMI classification in an effective display of how beauty isn’t a direct result of body size, and how your BMI category should mean bupkiss if you are happy and healthy.
  • Sun Salutation – Complete Workout For Your Mind and Body in Just Ten Minutes. I used to do several of these a day, but stopped when back pain made the motions uncomfortable. Lately my body has been feeling too tight and overly tired, so I’m going to start doing them again first thing in the morning, followed by a few minutes of meditation.