This lettuce was much bushier yesterday.

This lettuce was much bushier yesterday.

Day 3 into my challenge to spend 30 minutes in the garden, and I didn’t want to do it. It’s hot and humid, and I’m sooooo tired. If I had not posted my challenge here, I probably would have skipped it, but I did not want to admit defeat publically so soon.

I did spend my 30 minutes doing really easy work, though. I decided to fertilize and water the peach tree and veggie patch, which is something I do very infrequently, usually because I forget, thought the rich soil I have built means that additinal fertilization is a luxury, not a necessity, for the plants.

When I do fertilize, I use TerraCycle worm poop products. This company is one of the few that really is building a sustainable business. They recover materials from the waste stream for their packaging, fill them with organic fertilizers derived mainly from worm poop, and sell them back into the community. I have been using there stuff for a two seasons now, and the results have been impressive.

I first heard of TerraCycle back in 2007, when I read about how Scotts Miracle-Gro had filed a 173 page frivilous (in my opinion) lawsuit against a small New Jersey company to prevent this tiny company from competing with the massive corporate giant. Thanks to that poorly-conceived lawsuit, TerraCycle’s brand got a lot of free press. Heck, I would not have even known about this wonderful little company if it wasn’t for Scotts litigous behavior, so I guess I owe them a big Thank You for introducing me to my favorite poop supplier.

After hosing down my precious plants with water and poo, I noticed that one of my best lettuce patches is a foot shorter than it was yesterday. That darn groundhog was back last night and he took my best lettuce! I found a new burrow beneath the shed. I gave him a housewarming gift (a shovelful of dog poo), and arrangements have been made to borrow a trap for the weekend. I admire his tenacity, returning to the yard despite the presence of an eager 75 pound carnivore roaming the Homestead, but I can’t let him stay if he’s going to eat my precious veggies.