Corn on the cob is one of my favorite summer treats.

Corn on the cob is one of my favorite summer treats.

Yesterday I went shopping at my local farmer’s market for the first time since we’ve gotten back, and I was delighted to see that local corn has finally arrived. The family enjoyed fresh corn last night, topped with butter and a spiced salt mixture we picked up on the Cape.

I used to think New Jersey had the best corn in the country. I had tried corn from Florida, Georgia, Maryland…but I was eating what was available here in New Jersey, which varied as the corn season moved northward up the Eastern Seaboard. Florida corn was always the greatest disappointment! I didn’t realize it was because it had been shipped the furthest, and was therefore the oldest.

I now understand that Jersey corn is best, but only for people in New Jersey. Corn tastes best when it is freshly picked and hasn’t been refrigerated. Time and cold change the texture too gummy and makes the corn loose some of its wonderful sweetness, so the sooner after harvest corn is eaten, the crisper and sweeter it is. Therefore, corn shipped in from far away Florida or Georgia just cannot ever be as good as something picked here in my own county. Likewise, Jersey corn served in Florida would probably be a disappointment.

Though my local supermarkets have been offering corn on the cob for two months now, I have learned to wait for the Jersey Fresh stuff to make it’s appearance to maximize my summer corn pleasure. For corn especially, local is always best.