Wee little green tomatoes, too tiny to fry.

Wee little green tomatoes, too tiny to fry.

The past few weeks have been wet and cool, which was great for the lettuces. I haven’t needed to buy lettuce at the market for 3 weeks now, and I have all that I need still in the garden.

The tomatoes, on the other hand, are a little leggier than I’ve seen them in the past. The first wee little fruits are starting to form on the plants, though, which is a sign of good eating in a month or so.

The snap peas don’t seem to be fairing well at all. The vines haven’t grown more than 3 inches since I transplanted them at the start of May, and each has produced one or two tiny, sad pods. They taste like candy, but there’s not nearly enough of them to make a decent snack, never mind a meal.

The peach tree thinned it’s load of fruit. The tiny peaches all dropped off, leaving about a dozen golf ball sized fruits attached. I said to my family as we planted it that I did not expect to get any edible fruit this first year, but I really hope to be proven wrong! There is also fruit forming on the blueberry and raspberry bushes.

Overall, though, I am a little worried about how the garden will produce this year. The unusually wet and cool weather we’ve had is not ideal for much of what I’ve planted, and I don’t want a garden full of blossom end rot rather than succulent foods.