Thing 1 tried out for club soccer a few weeks ago, and she didn’t make the team. She has skill, but she’s not in peak condition, so she runs out of gas far more quickly than the more conditioned girls she was trying out against. This made her really sad for a while, so we decided to start a training program together to improve her chances next year, if she decides that she wants to try again.

Last week we began training for a 10k run following the training program outlined on Jeff Galloway’s website. His approach is a little different in that he encourages you to take frequent walking breaks, walking one minute for every 2-3 you run. These short breaks allow your body to recover a little, which should make the training easier for those with injuries (my back and knee). I also think this program would be ideal for training Thing 1 without pushing her young body too hard too fast.

The first week was a little rough for her, and I had to play drill sergeant during the second run because she wanted to quit. I keep telling her that the first week or two will be the hardest, but once her body gets more fit, the three runs a week will be much more enjoyable. This morning she woke up before 6 am for our run, and we ran for about 30 minutes in the dense coastal fog, making it home before the massive thunderstorms arrived.

I’m really proud of the effort she’s making. It would have been so easy to just give up when she didn’t make the team (this is the second year they rejected her), but she’s got a strong spirit and decided to improve herself rather than be defeated. Our runs are also a good way to spend time together away from the boys!