My favorite way to start the day: coffee and a muffin on the beach.

My favorite way to start the day: coffee and a muffin on the beach.

This weekend was a busy one! Saturday was spent putting up a case of strawberries as jam and preserves. Sunday started with Thing 1 reminding me to take her for a training run, which was the last thing my body wanted to do after being on my feet all day Saturday! I love her for pushing me to it; she has such a strong spirit. I was rewarded with breakfast on the beach before heading out to the Farmer’s market. In the afternoon we cleaned both cars, baked cookie bars, and made pasta salad. Sunday night dinners are always a larger family affair, with my parents joining us. Last night the weather was finally nice enough to eat outside.

This upcoming week also promises to be very busy. In addition to school and work, we’ll be getting ready for a yard sale Saturday. My community will be hosting a soccer tournament which draws 250 teams to the park up the street. There’s always an insane amount of traffic, and most years I just grind my teeth and bare it. This year I’ve decided to treat all these extra people as something to be harvested, so we’ll host a yard sale with a lemonade and cookie stand. All the cash will go towards our upcoming beach vacation-at the very least we should establish a large breakfast on the beach fund.

I also plan to make the party favors for Thing 1’s upcoming birthday party. She’s decided to host a cupcake baking party, and I’ll be teaching a gaggle of girls how to bake and decorate these wonderful treats. As favors we decided to make each girl a pillowcase apron following the plans from betz white. We’ve got the pillowcases and ribbon, now all I have to do is the work.

For fitness, I’ll be starting week 5 of the Two Hundred Squats program and going on some training runs with Thing 1. And Thing 2 is learning to ride his bike without training wheels this week, with his wonderful sister helping him figure it out. I suspect he’ll kill half the grass in the yard as he practices, but it will grow back eventually.

There will also be lots of cooking and work in the garden. That mulch sitting out on my patio isn’t going to lay itself. All in all it promises to be a fairly busy week!