Ecover car wash products

Ecover car wash products

This weekend the kids and I gave the two family cars a complete cleaning, inside and out. It’s disappointing how much of the car doesn’t get vacuumed at the car wash–I found a few years worth of sand, grit, and bank lollipop sticks hiding beneath the back seats in my car.

We had decided to wash the cars at home for a change because we noticed that Ecover, a green cleaning product company that we’ve had luck with, has started making plant and mineral based car cleaning products. We brought home the Ecological Car Wash & Wax and the Ecological Car Glass & Interior Cleaner to give them a try.

Both products worked pretty well. We started with the interiors. The glass and interior cleaner has a nice citrus scent that it easier to be around than many other glass cleaners I’ve used. The kids did all the interior windows, and there was not streaking, which is sort of a miracle.

Then we tackled the outsides. The cleaner isn’t the toughest I’ve used, and it took a little elbow grease to get the grime off the lower half of the doors. I used a soft-bristled brush to clean the doors and the hub caps the best I could. The finish, however, was amazing. Once towel dried, both black cars were so shiny that they we could see our reflections clearly in the sides.

Each product cost $3.99, and judging by the first use, should go for 4 washes of the two cars (8 washes in total). That’s less than a dollar per car per wash, and they do look much better than they do when we go to the drive-thru car wash. I would recommend the Ecover car wash products to anyone looking for a environmentally friendly products to wash their car at home. If you’d like to try these, Ecover offers a coupon for $0.75 off here.