Hey guys! I’ve decided to relaunch my blog with a much wider focus. The homebrewing thing is great fun, but there’s only so many ways I can write about brewing beer. And since I’ve built up a good stash of homebrews, I haven’t bought any microbrews to review! And I figure if I’m getting bored writing so little about beer, you’ve got to be bored not reading the stuff I’m not writing.

So I’ve decided to expand my focus to include all the other zany homesteading things I do. Baking. Gardening. Knitting. Canning. All that jazz. I might also write about my future goals, such as training with Thing 1 to run a 10k, trying to overcome my fear of singing in front of an audience, and revamping the family’s finances so that we can become filthy stinking rich.

I’ll still write about brewing, of course. But now I’ll have so much more to write about while the amber ambrosia is fermenting.