Tonight's dinner waiting to be roasted.

Tonight's dinner waiting to be roasted.

Last week I bought The Three Dollar Dinner Cookbook. It’s a .pdf cookbook that’s being sold for $3 through June 6, and $6 after that. It’s worth every penny.

The basic idea of the cookbook is to demonstrate that anyone can cook quality organic meals easily for under $3 a serving. I’ve tried 4 recipes so far, and all were great. The Sloppy Joes were exceptional. This cookbook is worth the $3 I spent on it for certain! Just be warned: the recipes claim to make 4 servings, but the author appears to be serving these meals to professional athletes with extreme appetites. You can serve 6-8 rather than just 4, or enjoy lots of wonderful leftovers.

Tonight, however, I am taking a break from the new cookbook and making something a little more impromptu. We’re having Boca burgers and roasted veggies. It was going to be grilled veggies, but there’s a big storm approaching and I melt in the rain.

For the veggies I grabbed a few odds and ends from the fridge: a bunch of asparagus (Jersey grown, of course), a red pepper, a fennel bulb, and a few small red potatoes. These were cut into grill-able chunks (alas). I drizzled a cookie sheet with olive oil, added the veggies, drizzled more olive oil, and gave them a good dose of salt and pepper. The whole shebang is now roasting in the oven at 400. Mmmmmm.